SlingShot Emissary

Telling stories through travel.

About the SlingShot Emissary Project

SlingShot helps more people see more places by making it easy to navigate the complicated waters of reward travel. And that's important! There are great opportunities to venture abroad and at home, for free - if only the system was a bit simpler.

But our mission runs deeper than helping folks go on vacation. There is much love and light on this planet, but also trouble and misunderstanding. Bombings in Paris and Brussels, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and increasingly hostile rhetoric right here at home in the U.S., targeted towards our most vulnerable populations.

We must find ways to come closer. We believe the path towards peace is paved with travel - random connections in Mexican open-air mercados, Arab souks, Japanese fishmarkets. Each time people from different cultures meet and shake hands, we step closer to a more inclusive, vibrant, peaceful world.

At SlingShot, we believe that if the "nuts and bolts" of frequent flyer travel become accessible to more folks, greater numbers will go abroad to make new friendships. We want to help tell those tales.

We're proud to announce the SlingShot Emissary Project, our way of helping storytellers tell stories that promote greater understanding. Please meet our Emissaries - they come from different walks of life and tell different stories, but are united behind our common goal: peace.

Meet the Emissaries

Rodrigo from @Rodtrvn

Rodrigo Trevino is a Portland, Oregon based photographer and adventurer. His work is authentic and out there.

We're excited to see his shots from the high country of Peru.

Tiffany from @Tiffpenguin

Tiffany Nguyen is a dentist from SoCal on weekdays, and an adventure seeker on weekends. Her photography focuses on travel, adventure, and landscapes.

Next stops? New Zealand and Fiji with SlingShot.

Aidan from @Vanajeros

Vanjeros is two wanderlusting creatives, seeking adventure across America in their 1985 VW Vanagon.

With the SlingShot Emissary Project, Aidan embarked on a photographic exploration across Cuba.

Matt from @63mph

63mph is a story about finding and following your own path, not necessarily following paths established by those before you.

Two years after braving a cold winter spent in his van, Matt's returning to the Canadian Rockies for more adventure.

Mat from @MatRickPhoto

Mat Rick is a commercial photographer based in New York. From a young age, Mat saw the world through the work of his father, an archaeologist studying in Peru. He picked up the camera early, and has since traveled the globe taking photos.

Kristin from @HelloAmerica_

Kristin Blanton is a photographer and storyteller. Hello America has evolved into an outdoor photographic storytelling platform. Kristen's work is focused on medium back to life that has been forfeited to the digital age.

Become an Emissary

We believe the world can be a more inclusive, peaceful place - and the fastest way to get there is by building bridges to connect cultures.

Interested in telling stories to promote this vision? Writing about land mines in Cambodia? Building schools in Afghanistan? Taking photos of entrepreneurs in Cuba? Exploring the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies?

Apply below by telling us why you'd like to be a SlingShot Emissary and we'll work some magic behind the scenes to give you the resources to make it happen.