About SlingShot

What We Do

Like you, we love to see new places. Free reward travel is tremendously exciting - yet impossibly complicated, due to an ever-changing ecosystem of multiple programs and offers, airline alliances, and award redemption charts.

SlingShot is here to make it easy. We collect your preferred destinations, spending patterns, credit info and more across 20+ data points, then turn them into a custom-tailored, actionable plan to get you to your destination - for free (+ taxes, of course - Uncle Sam always wants his cut).

We’re here to help more people visit more destinations around the globe, as we show America that responsible use of credit can open the door to free flights and hotel stays across the world.

Our Team

Dan Pierson, Co-founder and CEO

In February, 2016, Dan started SlingShot on a fierce mission to help more people see more places. Previously, he led travel partnerships at ridesharing company Lyft, worked in special ops at venture capital firm Collaborative Fund, and wore many hats at sharing economy startup Getable.

He’s ridden a bicycle across the U.S., walked across Cuba, and traveled to 50+ countries, often for free via the magic of frequent flyer travel. He’s also the creator of Subway Sets, a sold-out concert series to bring New York’s best underground musicians up to rooftops above the city.

Adam Kaczmarek, Co-founder and CTO

Adam entered the software industry after 10 years as a project manager and systems engineer in aerospace and defense. He has a track record of creating successful real world applications of cutting edge hardware and software technologies. No stranger to air travel (achievement unlocked: Work->IAD->LAX->IAD->work next day, no sleep), he is excited about making the challenging process of earning and managing miles fun and easy.

Adam's most ambitious terrestrial trip was bicycling from LA to NYC over a 40 day period, an adventure he undertook between earning a bachelor's from MIT and a master's from Columbia University, both in Mechanical Engineering.

April Tubbs, Operations Manager

April’s experience is diverse: she’s managed systems at a hedge fund and private equity firm, worked as a refugee caseworker in West and East Africa, helped build-out a startup selling Russian military-produced geographic data, learned how to make chocolate in Ecuador, and took care of a sloth in Brazil’s Amazon region. She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University, has traveled to 60 countries, and lived in the US, Brazil, Kenya, and Ghana. At SlingShot, she especially enjoys creating opportunities for people to interact with different cultures as well as explore the world’s natural wonders.

Our Mission

SlingShot's mission runs deeper than the nuts and bolts. By making this frequent flyer stuff simple, we empower people to travel. And that means more folks coming together in Mexican mercados, Arab souks, and Japanese fishmarkets. We deeply believe these bridges, forged through travel, are the path to a more connected, inclusive, peaceful global community.

Our Commitment to You

We create a personalized travel strategy that saves you hours of research and uncovers reward travel opportunities. To do this, we draw on our extensive knowledge of travel loyalty programs and credit card products that earn travel rewards. Then we deconstruct it all for you into a custom, step-by-step plan.

We do this by analyzing information you provide us about your travel preferences, frequent flyer program participation, credit and spending habits. We then evaluate relevant credit card products with opportunities to collect loyalty program points and recommend the right option for you.

Our plans often recommend that you sign up for a credit card to jump-start your reward points balance. We strongly advocate for responsible use of credit and credit education.

We’ll be here along the way to keep you on track with your plan and ensure that you realize your travel dreams!

Excited by our mission? Drop us a note at [email protected].